Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Taiwanese guy

Round face, spiky hair, small eyes and loud and bright toned voice with a very high pitch. Fat and flaccid arms and body, with the arrogant look of an aristocrat, lonely and reticent. Obscure character.

Thinking he was really interested in the lectures I paid no mind the first two days, but after two days of scratching noise I started to pay attention to this strange persona.

He spent the entire day scratching his pen, writing with severe mind focus and strong hand movements, as if he was histericaly taking notes of some fast talking teacher. Tongue out, fixed stare, sweat drops running down his forehead.

His entire notebooks were filled with an odd sequence of numbers with no apparent relation between them, no apparent reason to repeat them, no apparent meaning. Drawing with a thick, large font, he seemed to be trying to put some style in his scratching.


Pen after pen was drained. Set after set of notebooks thrown away. Every single page was filled. Devoted to each an every single number.


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